Basics of HTML part 1 (2nd post)

Types of tags- tages are used in HTML document tags provides instructions to browser for specific action mostly tags starts from< and end with > starting and closing tags of HTML are :<HTML> and<HTML>. Tags are two types 

1. Container Tag- container tag is used twice in a document in this one tag is used for starting the container tag and another is used for closing the computer tag text is written between these two tags That's why it is also called pair tag or companion tag 

Example- <body>

In this example <body> tag is the starting tag and </body> tag is the ending tags slash / symbol represent the closing tag

2. Empty Tag- that tags there is no closing tags are used called empty tagit is a solo tag 
That's why it is also called singular tag Example
 <br> tag rprsent break the closing tag is not used in it other examples are :

Structure of HTML document - the complete document written between <HTML> and </HTML> tags the tags <head>,<body>,<title>etc are written between these
The structure of HTML document is as follows: 

Creating a webpage- here will describe how to create a webpage homepage is the first page of the website in this various types of links are available with these link the relationship among other pages are established to create a web document notepad text editor is used and it is saved by .html extension 
Notepad is opened by following step
1. Start- programs-Accessories- Notepad

2. Notepad can also be opened by typing notepad in run dialogue box

Open and write on notepad


save it by 11. Html extension 


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