How to get organic traffic on your website

1. Welcome to our website techyright hello friends today we write article about how to get organic traffic on our site it so let's start follow following steps for getting organic traffic on your blogger website

  (I) social media - friend for rank  your post on  Google search engine first pic social media platforms to get organic traffic share your website or blog link with your friends on social media platforms like Facebook Twitter and many other platforms create your website link post and share on Facebook join traffic exchange groups on Facebook Twitter and other platforms using tweet  of Twitter and share your website link repeat this circle next day and repeating this circle of for 1 month and don't stop sharing your link and effort to get minimum 200 + visitors coming on your website each day by clicking on your website link comment your website link on posts of your related on Facebook and pin your link on  Pinterest comment your link on Reddit to get valid  and organic traffic use LinkedIn because LinkedIn a big platform of social media and lot of traffic present on LinkedIn app and  hubspot app is a best traffic getting app and help us to grow more and help us to get  organic traffic

 (II) for getting organic traffic and  rank your blog post #one Google search engine you need a much traffic on your website so many people are are doing efforts but website traffic are stay on zero so we share little tips to get organic traffic on website let your website are based on tech and your traffic is zero but your content is powerful so one other website its content is weak in quality but traffic on website is much you have need traffic so you create a backlink and getting traffic on your website
 :- to getting organic traffic other tip is finding . websites for getting traffic comment backlink of your website on this sites and type on your browser many websites which are end ing with .gov domain are showed you in your desktop screen for getting traffic comment your link on this websites you getting many visitors on your blog post

3. Best stretgy - to rank your post #1 on google you need a fresh and best stretgy means you have clear all the topics about google search engine like keywords,hashtags and other helping techniqs make best and fresh stretgy to rank your blog or website post on google use best keywords and use hashtags and connect related website with your blog post I know many questions in your mind about the keyword planning so I clear all this question which keyword using by you for your blog post in which its response by google is more than 50,000results your post rank 50℅ on google let  your blog post keyword's result by google is below 10,000 your article stand 100℅ unique and stand in 1000+ words your post rank #1on Goole so small result for Goole are large result for you by planing a fresh and coll keywords using hashtags on your post your website gain lot of traffic by using hashtags your link are rank in google by using hashtags many keywords are shows your post link when anyone search on a keyword which you are using in hastag on your post search engine showing your article link to visitors that was why the hashtags are good path two getting organic traffic

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  1. Good one . My friend but i have a question are you using popads in your website ?