Some basics of html 3rd post

Looking At The Webpage-:
Following steps are used for viewing the webpage by using internet explorer:
(i) click on Start-program-internet explorar
Or double click on the internet explorer Explorer icon on the desktop.
(ii) internet Explorer window Will open
(iii) from file menu click on open
(iv) click on browse and open the first HTML file
(v) internet explorer shows the following message
(1) HEAD TAG- head tag is a tag in which header information is present the title of document is written in head tag this is a container tag this tag starts with<HEAD> Tag and ends with</Head>Tag.
(2) Tittle Tag- this is a tag in which the tittle of web page is written this is used between the <head> and </head> tag in this <tittle> tag and </tittle>
                                 tag are used
(3)BODY TAG- this is a tag which is used to display the whole material of the web page that whole material is enclosed in <body> and </body> tag this is also a container tag
(4)HEADING TAG- heading tag is used to set the heading heading has total 6 levels all the letters of heading in a given level have some font the levels are numbered as heading 1 to heading 6 the font size goes in decreasing as we move from heading 1 to heading 6
              The heading in level 1 is expressed by tag <HI> And</HI> and level 2 is expressed as <H2> to </H2>.<H6> is the lowest level
Paragraph tag: it is the basic composition of HTML it started with <p> and close with</p>
      To get to next line leaving one line blank ,<p> tag is used . <p> tag leaves a space between the previous line and the new line it starts with <p> tag and ends with </p>

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