Some Basics of HTML part 1

HTML: hyper text markup language is used to create web pages for the world wide web as per ne it is a markup language original text is edited and new codes stages are added to indicate how the text should appear hypertext is simply a piece of text and works as a link markup language is a way of writing layout information within documents
Actually HTML document is a plain text file that contains text and nothing else when a browser opens an HTML file the browser will look for HTML cods in the text and use them to change the layout insert images or creating links to other pages
HTML documents are just text files they can we written even in the simplest text editor hypertext extensions it is not designed to be the language of w y s i w y g word processor such as word aur word perfect this choice was made because the same HTML document may be viewed by many different browsers of very different abilities HTML instructions divide the text offer document and two blocks call elements these can be divided into two broad categories does that define how the body of the document is to be displayed by the browser and those that define information about the document such as the title or relationships to other documents
Features of HTML-(a) HTML file is a file that contains a small markup tags which are the instruction for a web browser how to display the information on webpage"?
(B) it is a program that contains the HTML information which is called a web page and well defined set of these web pages is called a website
(C) the HTML file must have HTML extension in the US and HTML extension is window the HTML file can be created using any text editor Notepad MS Word, wordpad,MS DOS text editor or any other idea but mostly we use Notepad text editor
(D) HTML provides a static information on website that is you cannot change the data upload data or get results
(E) HTML pages can be connected directly in other website software like front page 2000 Dream ,weaver ,flash etc

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