Types of software

In detail:-
Introduction- a set of instructions is called a program and set of programs is called software computer cannot perform any task with the hardware only A set of instructions is required to direct the computer on what needs to be done
Software- software is aset of interlinked programs which directs  computer to perform specific tasks software is a series of instruction in sequence software is the soul of computer  these instruction are written in a language which can be under stood by computer these instruction are called software
The set of programs for a specific function is called software package
There are two types of software
1. System software
2. Application softwar
1. System software - system software controls all the functions operations and activities of a computer this most common types of system software is operating system window xp window 7 window vista are popular operating system in the world
1.operating system- an operating system is a system software that manage and controls the working of a computer each computer must have a operating system perform following functions
1. CPU management
2. Input/output management
3. Memory management
4. File management
5. Security management
1. MS DOS - MS DOS Is old and commonly used operating system we cannot used mouse in this system only the keyboard is used to giving commands
2. Microsoft window xp- it is a powerful operating system it is a higher version of windows 2000 and windows millennium it provides an efficient security protection to computer
3. Language translator- A software which convert Binary language into Assembly language or the higher language into machine language is called Language translator there are three types of language translator 1. Assembler 2. Interpreter 3. Compiler
3. Utility Programs- utility are programs that performs a specific task these are the combination of special programs utility functions do the following tasks
1. Format hard disk and floppy disk
2. Search files and folders
3. Check capacity of hard disk
4. Back up of files
5. Check available memory
APPLICATION SOFTWARE- it is used for a specific job application software consists of various programs designed to perform a range of tasks A software which is employed by user for a specific tasks is called Application software this software is mostly used by user as per his requirement application software is used for special functions some important application software are
1. Word processing software- these software are used to change edit and print text written in software . Ms word,Notepad,Word pad are word processing softwares
2. Database software- these softwares are used to store and edit large amount of data : DBMS, FoxPro, Oracle etc data base software
3. Spreadsheet softwares- these softwares are used to store numeric data and calculations ms excel and lotus etc are spreadsheet softwares

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