How to create a website for free

Hello friends today I say about how to create a website for free so for create a website first we need a hosting for hosting we need a domain as the article headline how to create a free website we share with you how to get free hosting and free domain name so following main and popular paths for creating a free and best website

1. Blogger--- so friends in this blogging field blogger is a best platform for create a blog or website in free and this is a trustable platform in the eyes of many people because it is a product of google which is number one search engine in the world so friends let's I share with you the points of creating a website for free in the blogger

1. First you need searching on chrome or Firefox blogger keyword

2. You see first link create your passion into profit click on them

3. And then you need to sign in

4. Next you have need to set your blog or site name and

5. Last step is chose your site address like  and chose template for your site or blog

After complete this steps you have show a dashboard and show many of tabs you will show at the top a new post tab by clucking on them you are  able write your content which you have effort to doing

2.wordpress--- next best platform are WordPress WordPress is a best plate form to create a beautiful and free website because WordPress give our free domain in different sites name like your so in the WordPress you able to make a free site by follow this following steps

1. First you visit on WordPress by searching on google

2. After visiting you need to sign in

3. After sign in WordPress ask you pic a plan you pic free plan of WordPress

4. After this step you able to select your site name

5. After setting of name you select your site address

After complete this steps you will able to continue posting on your website and in your WordPress website you are able to change your templates etc

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